Property valuation Hamburg

What is your property value?

With a real estate valuation we give you orientation and security in the realistic assessment of your sales objects in the Hamburg metropolitan region. Have your residential properties professionally appraised by an experienced estate agent. For owners who wish to sell their property, we offer this service 100% free of charge and without obligation.

Well-founded property valuation of your residential properties in Hamburg and the surrounding area by our experts - your first step towards successful marketing:


Industry-experienced & honest assessment of the condition of your real estate (house, apartment) or land

✓ Market-oriented positioning of your sales objects at the best possible price, taking into account all object-relevant factors

Fact-based safeguarding and basis for negotiations during the sale


DØERFERT IMMOBILIEN offers you an essential basis for the successful sale of real estate with a professional property valuation. In Hamburg, our experts are at your side, giving you reliable guidance in the realistic valuation of your properties. A market-driven assessment is decisive for the later offer price and your sales success. Good for you: Our service of a professional property valuation is offered 100% free of charge to owners who wish to sell their residential property in the greater Hamburg area. Let us advise you!

Through our extensive network of partners, we can arrange a real estate valuer for you on request. An expert judgement may sometimes be required if special legal concerns are connected with the sale of a property - for example, in the case of a gain assessment in the event of divorce or in the event of inheritance.

Of course, you also need security when buying a new property. As a buyer or investor, you can rely on the experience and market knowledge of our real estate experts or, if necessary, consult an expert at your own expense. Be inspired by our diversified portfolio with attractive sales offers!

Valuation for your property in Hamburg

An inspection of your property in Hamburg is indispensable for a well-founded valuation: On site we get an idea of the condition of the property and check all value-relevant aspects with regard to the overall condition (need for renovation and degree of modernization), equipment, living space, micro-location, infrastructure and other factors. With all this information we can then carry out a detailed, independent and fact-based property valuation for your property. When you sell through DØERFERT IMMOBILIEN in Hamburg, you benefit from our excellent consulting services and optimal marketing at the best possible price.

Property valuation for our customers in the greater Hamburg area

Building land is a valuable "resource", especially in regions close to cities or structurally strong regions such as Hamburg. If you own a plot of land and wish to sell it in a value-added manner, you should turn to the experts at DØERFERT IMMOBILIEN with confidence. Against the background of our extensive knowledge of the market, we will determine the best possible selling price for your property in the greater Hamburg area in a property valuation and offer you excellent conditions for successful marketing. You can rely on our market observations and precise location analyses as well as on our modern cross-media marketing strategies.

Get your property or land appraised now: In Hamburg we are at your side with expertise

Professional real estate valuation or property valuation with DØERFERT IMMOBILIEN in Hamburg: Our qualified real estate experts provide you with reliable orientation in every respect with a fact-based sales value assessment, bring out the value creation potential of your properties and ensure optimal positioning on the market. Just give us a call. Our team looks forward to getting to know you.

Immobilienbewertung mit Branchenkenntnis und Sachverstand –

  • Free property valuation for sellers on the basis of a daily analysis of the environment
  • Market price research, analysis and value assessment, taking into account all property-relevant factors after a thorough inspection on site
  • Expert real estate appraisal (e.g. in case of inheritance, divorce or purchase of real estate) on request. The additional costs are to be borne by the client
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